by Sydney Greene MS, RD


Current Thoughts

The (not so sad, homemade) Desk Salad

What is at least $15, gives many people a stomach ache and tastes bleh? Takeout salads. You might be saying to yourself “making my own salad is hard” to which I would say “what is so hard about it?”.

A homemade salad slays the takeout salad for a few reasons. The first, price. You can buy all organic vegetables, dressing and proteins and still save money compared to ordering out daily (most salads spots do not use organic ingredients). Second, you are in control of the ingredients; that is right you get to pick and choose what you put in to your salad and how those ingredients were prepared. Third, self confidence. Making your own meals is badass, it is a task you clearly have to follow through from beginning to end unlike that work project that you have maybe kind of been procrastinating on.

Want to get started but unsure where to begin? Follow these steps below to make your first work lunch in less than 10 minutes. Bon Appetit!

  1. Base of greens: mesclun, romaine, spinach, kale, arugula

  2. Vegetables (3-4 of your choice), chopped: *I like a mix of raw (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers) & cooked (roasted broccoli, green beans, asparagus)

  3. Protein: eggs, chicken, turkey, beans, fish, tofu *prepare the night before example. boil 6 hard boil eggs for the week or roast 3 chicken breasts for the week

  4. Grain: quinoa, brown rice, farro *optional depending on goals/tastes

  5. Dressing: olive oil & vinegar, pre-made dressings, tahini